Company info:
I started RWI in 2010 in association with Mountain Meadows Pet Products a 28 year veteran in litters, pet feeds, ingredients, and pelleted fibered products. (

Produce and supply the best quality weed free straw wattles, landscape straw tack pellets for a competitive price. I am working on increasing my erosion control products—blankets, silt fence etc.

RWI can purchase its straw locally from agriculturally based farmer’s which in turn creates a market for the weed free straw and added income for the farmer as well as the community.

9” X 25’ and 12” X 12’ wattles are all weed free certified straw fill poly netting. Special order 100% jute filled wattles available.
Landscape straw tack pellets weed freed certified pellets. A combination of straw, protein and tack material make up the pellet. These are great for hard to get to areas to cover seed

Current member of the Montana Mining Association
2011 member of the Montana Contractors Association.